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Now Introducing Meeting Services!

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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It's time for the first big release for 2024 from OfficeRnD Hybrid - Meeting Services!

In today's dynamic work environment, we noticed that meeting services have become more crucial than ever.
As we navigate the complexities of hybrid work models, the need for efficient, flexible, and customizable meeting spaces is paramount.
We continuously work to enrich our Smart Meetings solution, and we made some notable improvements in 2023 for Check-ins, Booking Approvals , and Meetings Management.
This year, we are starting with a big meeting experience improvement - Meeting Services like Catering, Extra Equipment, Setup, and more.

Our new Meeting Room Service Requests feature is designed to meet all your evolving and custom demands, ensuring that every meeting is not just a gathering but an opportunity for productivity and collaboration.

What Does Meeting Services Do?

Our Meeting Room Service Requests capability revolutionizes the way meeting rooms are managed. It combines the already available seamless booking of meeting spaces with enablement of users to request additional services such as catering, custom equipment setups, room layout reorganizations, and more, all through the same intuitive platform.
This comprehensive tool simplifies preparing a meeting room for any requirement or occasion.

Why Is This Important?

It offers your organization the ability to adapt to the varied and often complex needs of modern meetings in any workplace you have.
Whether it's a casual team catch-up, a cross-departmental brainstorming session, or a high-stakes client presentation, our solution ensures that the space will be tailored to the specific needs of each meeting.
Meeting services are part of the Workplace Services capabilities of OfficeRnD Hybrid and provide an easy, intuitive, and quick way to operate them from both the user and admin sides. See more about the benefits and experiences for both sides below:

Benefits for Users:

  • Personalized Experience: Users can tailor the meeting environment to their needs, enhancing comfort and effectiveness. All while creating the booking. ( Available on the Web Portal and through MS Teams )

  • Time-Saving: With easy-to-use service requests, users save valuable time from coordination that can be better spent on meeting content preparation.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: With this new enablement, people can collaborate in meetings organization with the admins ( workplace administration or office managers ) in a separate module and keep a record of all discussions or changes needed. Also, I can ensure that no request is left unanswered or the assigned person gets automatically informed when booking is changed or canceled. Both in-product and email notifications are included, so you are always on track with the progress of your requests.

Walk-through for Users:

How to create a Meeting Service Request? ( Meeting Services - Create & Review Requests - Watch Video )

Benefits for Admins:

  • Streamlined Management: Admins can oversee and manage all aspects of meeting room bookings and services from a centralized platform individually or as a team with full transparency and swift collaboration.

  • Efficiency and Control: Reduces the time and effort spent on organizing and modifying meeting spaces, providing more control over resources. All are gathered, recorded, and structured in one place. Have visibility over meeting service requests, meeting bookings management, and other requests from the workplace.

  • Cost-Effective: Admins can optimize spending and reduce waste by managing resources more efficiently and tracking service usage.

  • Highly Customizable: Admins can configure:
    Which request categories are available per location, resource type, and team
    Who should be notified about new requests
    What info should users fill out when making a request

Walk-through for Admins:

How do you configure and manage Meeting Service Requests? ( Configuring Meeting Services Categories - Watch Video )

Our Meeting Room Service Requests feature is more than just a tool; it's a strategic asset for users and admins in the hybrid workplace.
It streamlines the meeting process, empowers users with customization, and gives admins control and efficiency.

The future of work is flexible, and we stand by our promise to deliver the right platform for you to embrace it gracefully!

Keep thriving in the hybrid model!
Your OfficeRnD Team

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