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Booking Approvals : Enhanced Process and Design for Admins and Employees

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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We are thrilled to introduce a major improvement to our existing booking approval flow for Desks and Spaces that will streamline your resource booking process like never before—designed to cater to the needs of organizations that require approvals for certain resource bookings, such as special meeting rooms or event spaces.

Here's how to configure this feature and explore the seamless and intuitive experience it offers to both employees and administrators:

Setting Up Approval Requests:

Setting up approval requests is a breeze with OfficeRnD Hybrid. Using our admin portal, you can effortlessly create and manage booking policies. Within these policies, you will find the all-new "Request Approval" section, where you can specify whether a resource requires approval upon booking.

Toggle the switch to activate approval requests.
Specify which administrators should be notified when a booking or request is made.
Click "Update" to save your policy.

Applying Policies to Resources:

Once your booking policy is created, you can apply it to any resources of your choice.
For instance, if you want a specific meeting room to require approval - edit the space on the floorplan and apply the relevant booking policy.
( Admin Portal > Worplace Management > Locations > Edit > Select Resource > Edit > Booking Policy )

Now, when employees attempt to book that resource using the office map, they will encounter a clear message: "Booking submitted for approval." This ensures transparency and clarity.

Streamlined Communication:

When an employee submits a request for approval, an email notification is dispatched to both the employee and the administrator(s).

  • Employees receive an acknowledgment email confirming their request.

  • Administrators receive a notification email with key booking details, allowing them to swiftly approve or decline the booking directly from the email or go to Manage Settings within the Admin Portal for further adjustments.

Effortless Management:

Our admin portal includes a new filter under "Manage Bookings," where administrators can easily track the status of bookings. For instance:
- Bookings pending approval are labeled as "Pending."
- Bookings with requests for a time that has passed are labeled "Expired".

Administrators can review booking details with just a few clicks and approve or decline requests effortlessly.

These process improvements are also applied for bookings made through Outlook and Google Calendar.

Experience the Simplicity:
We have designed this feature with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind.
Whether you're an employee trying to book a resource or an administrator managing requests, the process is now more straightforward than ever before.

We believe this feature will significantly enhance your resource booking workflow, ensuring that requests are processed efficiently. Thank you for your continued conversation and support that help us constantly improve and upgrade our solution to match your needs and resolve the everyday workplace challenges you are facing. Let`s keep the conversation going!

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