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🗓 🎉 Hi 2023! Welcome to the next Year of Hybrid

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

Hello, and welcome to 2023!

Last year the demand for remote work or hybrid model has only grown higher. Businesses and employees have benefited from it across all industries. According to this study, 87% of participants said having remote work alternatives improved their work-life balance.

The idea of an office is shifting rapidly, and we're here for it. We believe the future of work is flexible and adaptable to you and your organizational needs and preferences.

Our OfficeRnD Flex product was flourishing in 2022 and owned its place as a leader in the coworking world. And even though we had introduced our OfficeRnD Hybrid product not that long ago, we made 2022 a significant year for us by laying the groundwork for the product's promising future.

Let's take a brief moment to share our huge Thank you! to all of you – our partners and customers – we have learned and developed so much with and from you.
Thank you for your trust and support. We look forward to where this adventure will take us next together. Hang on because we are immensely excited about this new chapter! Scroll down to see what 2023 will look like!

Last year we created the foundations for seamless user experiences across the product:

Last year we focused on building, optimizing, and simplifying the experience of all admins tasked with implementing and setting up the system:

  1. New Floor Plan Builder - A quick and easy way for anyone to set up or update any office space with just a few clicks

  2. Neighborhoods - The ability to select multiple workstations and create a neighborhood. Include desks, rooms, or resources and group them in a custom area.

  3. Meeting Room App - We launched our apps for meeting room tablets that can help everyone manage better the meeting room schedule and occupancy for Apple and Google devices.

  4. We have obtained SOC 2 Type 2 Report - It covers the Trust Service Criteria for Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy because safety is and will remain a top priority.

  5. Workplace policies - To help teams gather in the office for the moments that matter and added notifications on both desktop and app to make it easy for anyone to comply.

  6. A true data hub - We made your data drillable and explorable in the Analytics tab. And added two new dashboards for Employee & Workplace analytics.

  7. Brivo integration - Our first door access integration for Hybrid. Are you interested in a different solution? Tell us here . Are you interested in our other integrations? Check them out here.

  8. Limit location access - You grow, we grow with you, and we offer solutions for the unique challenges you're facing. Limiting access per location makes it easier to adapt and use OfficeRnD Hybrid in multiple offices and locations.

  9. Add users to multiple teams - Customize your people's profiles and capabilities beyond the original setup in your AD.

  10. Resources management - This flows in our "bloodline," so we worked on improving all workflows that help you set up and launch your spaces, bulk update resources, and assign them per employee. If there's a functionality you are still missing - let us know!

 In 2022 we retained sight of our end users - your employees, and worked to ensure their seamless experiences: 

  1. Introduction of Quick bookings - Now it takes two clicks to book a spot in the office.

  2. Check-in notifications and more in MS Teams ( watch video here! )

  3. Option to switch desks

  4. Who's in on the Office Map - Seeing who's around that day can make your day much more exciting and share the moments that matter

  5. Notifications management

  6. New Office Map filters - Looking for your team? Or you'll need to build the complex report you're working on for a spot with that extra screen more quickly? Or a keyboard or another asset? Find the best place for you by filtering the view. 

  7. Outlook Add-in/Plug-in  - You can select the right-sized and equipped available space through our Outlook integration.

  8. QR Codes for all bookable resources 

  9. Slack app - Access OfficeRnD Hybrid, see who's in that day, and book a desk seamlessly.

  10. Invite teammates - Looking forward to seeing your favorite teammates in the office? Invite them over right from the Office Map or the Schedule tab ( stay tuned, an exciting update is coming soon! )  

For everyone, we also introduced the ability to book privately through a Chrome extension and to do all you wish through a more balanced, adaptive, friendly UI design both on the web and mobile.

And here's to the new chapter of our adventure:

This year we are not stepping but jumping into the essence of Hybrid work as we know it and focus on three key areas:

  • Focus on Collaboration for the Moments that Matter with the People you're changing the world through work. We will:

    • enhance our invite experience

    • provide more personal touch to the invites

    • increase social engagement

  • Integrated Solutions will move us further in building a true app-less experience. We will:

    • enrich our list of integrations

    • evolve further key existing ones

    • polish everyday actions and user flows for both web and mobile

  • Offering open and accessible solutions for businesses from their 0 at Day 1 to the Hero stage. We will:

    • provide an opportunity to start early on for free

    • connect Flex and Hybrid within the OfficeRnD space

    • improve self-onboarding experience and Collaboration with us

    • help you efficiently manage a Hybrid work model for growing organizations across multiple offices, geographies, and cultures

Last but not least, through time, we invested in ways to help you go hybrid and become great at it.
If you have missed them on the way, feel free to dive into our top selection :

  1. Hybrid for Dummies

  2. Webinar on Collaboration

  3. Guidelines and Policies for Optimizing Your Hybrid Workplace

  4. How to Measure and Improve Performance of Meeting Rooms in Coworking Spaces

  5. How to Simplify Hybrid Work Through Scheduling and Integrations

  6. Flex world 2022 Conference with a bunch of exciting sessions delivered by remarkable people

These are some highlights, but you can find even more here.

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