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More Flexible Team Assignments

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

OfficeRnD Hybrid now offers more flexibility when assigning users to Teams. 

If you enable SCIM user provisioning with Azure or Okta, you can administer all the Teams and Employees structures in your provisioning setup and Active Directory. You can however create, edit, or modify Teams and Employees without this affecting your AD. E.g you can manually change the team for an employee here and it will not move them to another AD group.

Previously, if your organization enabled SCIM provisioning with Azure or Okta, all Team assignments were determined solely by their Active Directory Groupings. 

Now, users can also be added to teams manually via the OfficeRnD Admin Portal, without affecting your Active Directory Groupings. This gives organizations greater flexibility with Team assignments. 

What has changed - Admins can:

  • Assign users to additional Teams via the Admin Portal 

  • Remove users from these manually-added Teams if desired

  • Change a user's Primary Team by selecting from any of their assigned teams. (Note: A user's Primary Team is used for reporting purposes and to resolve potentially conflicting policies

As a reminder, Team assignments in OfficeRnD improve the user experience by allowing them to book certain neighborhoods and resources that are only available to that team. In addition, it helps users easily see who from their team will be in the office on a given day. 

Hope this was useful! You can go further by checking all updated related documentation:

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