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AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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This feature will come in handy if you are an admin for a medium or large organization with many locations and facilities.

If you are looking for a way to:

  • Manage offices in different countries

  • Manage offices with other purposes

  • Find a way to limit employees' access to particular locations and/or floors

There's a way to tackle this with our new Location Access Feature, which you can find in the Admin Portal > Office Space menu.

You can create Location Policies per team or individual employee.

Within the menu, you'll see the already 1 default policy, which implies that all employees can access all facilities - use it as an example and create more specific location policies for teams or individuals.

You can apply only one access policy to a team or employee but add multiple locations/floors.

  • Employees should be limited to only 1 Location Access policy.

  • If you add an Employee to a second policy, only the second policy will apply ( and the team/employee will be automatically removed from the first-created one )

  • A Location Access policy where the employee is specifically assigned takes priority over a policy where one of their teams is set.


  • IF Sarah has access to the London office but not to the Manchester one, THEN she will be able to see and book all floors and resources available in that location.

  • IF Eric has access to the first floor of the office building but not to the second, THEN he can view only the first floor and book any available resources ( rooms and desks ) there.

  • IF the Marketing team needs to have access to multiple offices, THEN you can add them to 2 locations and they will be able to view and book in them, but won`t be able to access other facilities.

If you leave only the default location access policy as active - all employees and team will see in their location selector all locations they have access to. 

If you want to add further access limitations to specific neighborhoods or resources, that can be done through the Resources ( Admin Portal > Office Space menu > adjust privacy per resource ).

If an employee wants to access a location that they don't have access to, they will see an error message YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THIS LOCATION/FLOOR 

Check our help article about this feature here or ask us about it at, let`s chat!

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