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Automatic check-in via Office WiFi
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Introducing a New Way of Presence Tracking: Automated WiFi Check-Ins

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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For employees, check-ins are an extra step in the reservation process, often overlooked and missed. With our latest update and addition to our Presence Tracking capabilities, we aim to make check-ins instant, effortless, and efficient.

Check-in policies are usually set to fight ghost bookings and ensure the optimal usage of the workplace. Clarity about who is coming to the office or occupying a particular space is vital for deciding how to change or optimize any workplace. Through different presence tracking capabilities, any organization can rely on to ease up the employee experience and gather accurate data for admins and leaders.

The newest option we are introducing is Automated WiFi - Which works when employees have OfficeRnD Hybrid Mobile Application installed and connect their mobile devices to the WiFi network in the workplace.

The Solution:

The Automated WiFi Check-In aims to transform the check-in process into a frictionless and automatic one. We're looking at more than just a feature here – introducing an experience. With this rollout, we aspire to:

  • Ease up the settings and processes employees go through in their hybrid workplace.

  • Help admins gather and see more accurate data about office space utilization.

  • Offer a solution for organizations looking for an optimal and automated presence tracking solution that does not compromise privacy or security.

Key Benefits:

  • For Employees: No more forgetting to check in and potentially losing a desk or room. Enjoy a seamless and frictionless check-in experience when you connect to the office WiFi.

  • For Facility Managers: Reap the benefits of more accurate office utilization data to optimize real estate.

  • For Admins: A hassle-free configuration experience that minimizes complaints and streamlines operations.

How to use it?

You can find and set it up through :
Admin Portal > Workplace Management > Locations > Edit Location Details:

You need to have set up a Booking Policy and assigned the Policy to desks and spaces across the workplace.

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The topic of Presence Tracking and Booking Policies is much broader.
With OfficeRnD Hybrid, other options for check-ins can be split into 2 types:

  • Online - When employees can check in through all available online sources:

    • Web Portal

    • Mobile App

    • Email

    • Integrations ( MS Teams, Slack, etc.)

  • Onsite - When employees can check in upon arrival:

    • QR codes - Used for both desks and rooms. When you can scan a QR code to check in.
      With OfficeRnD Meeting Room QR Codes, check-ins are available for both organizers and meeting attendees. Read more here>

    • Rooms app - It can be installed on a tablet in front of all meeting rooms/spaces. When clicking on the Rooms app, the tablet is in front of the meeting room to check-in.

    • Reception app - When clicking on the reception app to check in ( optional* )

    • Brivo Door Access - When scanning the badge. Employees get checked in for all bookings with an open window.

    • Mobile Automated WiFi check-in NEW!

Join Us in this Evolution:

Boost collaboration, keep the company culture alive, and optimize office space like never before.
The future of hybrid work experiences is now, and it's effortless.

Keep thriving in the hybrid model,

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