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Simple Room Booking with Outlook Bi-Directional Sync

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

OfficeRnD is making hybrid work, work better again! The development team has an exciting new release that will make room booking and team collaboration as simple as opening your Outlook calendar and creating a new event. Here's what you need to know about this great new feature from the world's leading hybrid workplace management solution:

With bi-directional sync, OfficeRnD Hybrid will synchronize all bookings both ways from Outlook to Hybrid and Hybrid to Outlook making it as simple as possible to coordinate in-person meetings from your existing workflow.

  • Book a room from Outlook and have it synced across mobile, web and Teams

  • Book a room from Hybrid and have it synced with Outlook

The OfficeRnD Microsoft Integrated Workplace Experience enables any user to actively coordinate the logistics of hybrid work in real time using Teams and Outlook from the web or desktop all with the convenience of single sign-on

For Teams users:

OfficeRnD Hybrid enables employees to easily book desks and rooms directly from MS Teams.

  • Book a desk or a room on an interactive floor plan

  • Schedule your personal or team visits from an advanced scheduler page

  • Access and modify your reservations directly within Microsoft Team

For Single Sign on convenience:

Single-sign-on with Office365 and Microsoft AD

OfficeRnD Hybrid allows your employees to login across all devices via Microsoft powered authentication.

  • Mobile app authentication

  • Web portal authentication

  • Microsoft Teams authentication

For more detailed information about the Microsoft Integrated Workplace Experience click here.

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