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AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

Creating the right Hybrid policy for your company or team is easier said than done but there are ways to tackle it.Β It is an iterative process. Once you create your policy, you need to evaluate its performance, ask employees how they feel about it, and improve it.

There isn't yet an ultimate recipe that can be applied to all organizations, but we have built a tool to help you find and set up the right one for yours...and get all the data about it!

Say Hello to one of our most impactful features to date: Workplace Policies.
You can find them within the Admin Portal > Left menu > Directory > Workplace Policies.

The first version of this feature includes:
For Admins and People Managers

  1. Have full freedom of your hybrid workplace policies customization and setup

    • You can create different policies for the whole organization, separate teams, or even individual employees and edit them at any moment from the admin portal.

  2. Streamline the hybrid work scheduling process via a hybrid workplace policies system

  3. Understand how people are adapting to hybrid work

    • Deep dive into the compliance analytics on the organizational, team, or employee level

    • Monitor presence tracking and office check-ins

    • Access, export ( as .xls or .pdf ), and analyze policy compliance reports

Don`t worry about employee reminders and notifications for the existing policies - we made them predefined and automated through the Employee Portal and the Mobile app.

For Employees

  1. Easily understand what policy they are assigned to and plan their schedule accordingly

  2. Get updates about any recent changes in their workplace policies

  3. Receive notifications and reminders about their progress with the policy compliance

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Last week, we had a webinar for this and other exciting new features in the Hybrid Product.
If you missed it, do not worry - we got you covered - you can watch the recording here!

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Workplace Policies & Analytics feature is available exclusively for Professional and Enterprise plans. If you are interested in changing your plan, please reach us at:

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