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New Enhanced Export for All Bookings

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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Dive Deeper into Your Workspace Analytics!
Check out a significant enhancement we did in one of the features of our hybrid workplace software solution – the new and improved Enhanced Export Table for All Bookings! This upgrade empowers you with deeper insights and a better view to understand your resource utilization at a glance.

What's New?
Now, you can export a comprehensive table of all bookings directly into Excel, enriched with more detailed information. This means better analysis, smarter decision-making, and streamlined workspace management.
That's not all, though. You can also export a subset of bookings you want to analyze using the filters on the List view (i.e., date range, status, resource type, etc.

Check out the 22+ new data points the export table includes here.

We stand strong behind our commitment to providing you with the tools and data you need to manage your hybrid workspace effectively and thus we continue building features and improvements that aim to bring a new level of ease and clarity to your booking management process.

Getting Started
You can now export the Enhanced Table in CSV from your Admin Platform.
Go to Workplace Management or Meeting Room Management, click on Manage Bookings, switch to List view, and mark the bookings you want to export or select all, then click the Export button and download the file.

We Value Your Feedback!
Your experience and feedback are crucial to us. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this new feature or any other aspects of our software.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in creating a flexible and efficient hybrid workspace!

Empowering Hybrid Workplaces, One Feature at a Time.
- Your OfficeRnD Team

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