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New Chrome Extension for Easy Desk & Room Booking

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

OfficeRnD Hybrid Work extension for Chrome™. The product team continues on its commitment to make hybrid work, work better! Now you can download a simple extension from the Chrome Web Store and start booking desks and meeting rooms as well as collaborate with team members, right from your web browser.

The way we work has changed forever but that doesn't mean it can't be simple and easy to get to the office when you want to work with certain team members or join an in-person planning session.

Hybrid work has tremendous advantages but it also creates challenges due to the complexity of utilizing hot desking or desk hoteling, office scheduling, meeting room bookings and most importantly, collaborating with team members.

OfficeRnD Hybrid is a leading hybrid work management platform that is built with the main purpose to help you bring people together in vibrant, flexible and collaborative workplaces. We can help your employees return to the office effectively and in an engaging way. OfficeRnD Hybrid Work chrome extension brings your workplace closer to where you are - in your browser.
where you will be able to use all the features of a modern hybrid work software.

If you would prefer to book rooms and synchronize schedules with teammates from MS Outlook or Teams, you can get more information here for a fully integrated Microsoft Workplace Experience.

OfficeRnD Makes Hybrid Work, Work Better.

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