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Enhance Your Communication Today! Introducing Customizable Admin Email Templates

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

Check out another significant enhancement we released recently, exclusively for our Professional and Enterprise plan users.
You can personalize your administrative communication with our new customizable email templates feature!

What's New?

You've asked, and we've delivered! Up until now, you've been able to edit email templates for employee notifications.
Now, we are extending this capability to Admin Emails as well. This update allows you to tailor your administrative communication to fit your organization's unique needs, voice, and style.

Key Features:

  • Admin Emails Tab: Accessible under 'Email Templates,' this new tab unveils the world of admin email customization.

  • Full Editing Control: View and edit any admin email template. Whether it's a simple welcome message or a critical system update, your emails can now reflect your organization's tone and values.

  • Customizable Components:

    • Name of Template: Easily identify your templates by giving them distinct names.

    • Subject Line: Craft compelling subject lines that encourage opening and reading.

    • Content: Use our intuitive editor for hassle-free modifications or dive into custom coding for more advanced personalizations.

    • Insert Custom Properties: Seamlessly integrate unique organizational elements into your emails using the editor's functionality. ( check out here all Email Template Properties available )

How to Get Started:

Log in to your admin account in the Admin Platform. Navigate from Settings > Advanced Settings to 'Email Templates' and select the new 'Admin Emails' tab. Choose an email template to customize. Edit the name, subject, and content as needed. Insert custom properties to make your emails even more relevant and engaging.

Why This Matters:

Customized communication is key in hybrid workplace dynamics and efficient organization. It ensures that your messages resonate more with the recipients, enhancing clarity and engagement. With this new feature, you can ensure that every email sent conveys the necessary information and strengthens your organization's identity.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in creating an efficient, flexible, and personalized hybrid workplace experience.

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep thriving in the hybrid model!
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