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Eliminate Meeting Room Booking Conflicts

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

We are excited to share a new tablet app that should eliminate meeting room booking issues. You can now utilize an iPad or Android tablet mounted directly outside of meeting rooms that clearly displays scheduled bookings which can also be synced with Outlook and Google calendars for ease of use. An additional feature reduces "ghost bookings" meaning that if someone books a room and does not show within a pre-determined window, the room will revert to "available".

Additional features and benefits of the "At the Door" meeting room booking app include:

  • Unique branded styles for each room that can match company branding.

  • Smart work hours that dim screens when not in use.

  • Active calendar sync with Outlook and Google.

  • Screen lock for the app to eliminate unintended table use.

  • OfficeRnD analytics to determine the most efficient use of meeting room resources.

  • Clear visibility of room availability resulting in much more joyous employee onsight collaboration.

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